The Exhaust System: Muffler

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The muffler has a set of tubes designed to reduce the noise coming from the car engine. Exhaust gases and sound waves enter through the center tube and bounce off the back wall of the muffler and are reflected through a hole into the main body of the muffler. They flow through a set of holes into another chamber where they exit the pipe and leave the muffler.


The sound coming from the car is a pressure wave formed from pulses of high and low air pressure which travel through the air at the speed of sound. These pulses are produced when an exhaust valve opens and a high-pressure gas bursts into the exhaust system and its molecules collide with low-pressure molecules. This creates a sound wave that travels down the pipe.


There is a chamber called the resonator which cancels out a certain frequency of sound. As the wave travels through this chamber, it hits the back of the muffler’s wall and bounces back out of the hole. The wave leaves the resonator chamber after the next wave reflects off outside the chamber. The wave that comes from the chamber collides with the low-pressure part of the wave that is reflected off outside the chamber wall, causing both waves to cancel each other out. Hence, the sound from the engine consists of different frequencies of sound. The resonator functions well in the frequency range where the engine makes the most noise. 


Since a quiet operation is a key feature, luxury cars have a resonator, a device, which operates like the resonator chamber in the muffler. This device measures the dimensions to allow the reflected waves to cancel out certain frequencies of sound in the exhaust system. If you want a quiet operation like luxury cars have, purchase the Magnaflow exhaust  systems which provide a quality muffler.


The muffler has other features to reduce the noise from the engine. It is composed of two thin layers that sandwich an insulated layer, which allows the muffler’s body to absorb the sound produced by the pressure pulses. Buy the Magnaflow exhaust tips that have the needed features.


The Magnaflow exhaust  systems are a performance exhaust system that increases car performance. They are designed with key features and can be upgraded.


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The Exhaust System: Muffler

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The Exhaust System: Muffler

This article was published on 2011/10/26