The benefit of Sound Insulation

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Sound insulation is the important factor in buildings or homes today. When you tend to improve a floor area or build new flooring, you should think about sound control. Many people build buildings for granted and don’t consider sound insulation even in their own homes. You should notice this issue before start your floor.



There are two main types of noise problems - airborne and impact:


Airborne noise comes from television, music, people talking and other types of sounds. Impact comes from footsteps, vibrations from large appliances running, etc. Both types of noises can exist in the typical house or apartment and can be easily dealt with if you have the proper sound insulation.


Sound insulation can be used in the walls, flooring and even stairs to reduce the noise that can travel across these areas from room to room. Acoustic insulation is used to lower the noise from both airborne sounds and impact sounds that occur naturally in a home and also noises from things such as practicing a musical instrument, playing the stereo loud or singing practice.


Sound insulation also reduces noise problems from one home to another. If you live in an apartment complex or multi-family home, this is apparently very important, but did you also know that it can affect houses that are in close vicinity to one another? Neighbourhood noises can be greatly reduced with sound insulation which is essential if you have a noisy neighbour (or don't want to be the "noisy neighbour" yourself).


UK Building Regulations outline the required specifications for sound insulation, and can advise which sorts of sound control products are suitable for new build and for refurbishing a building. If you live in an existing home and want to find out about noise insulation and how you can have it installed, contact a professional in the industry with a solid reputation of helping with sound issues such as this. Together, you can find the best sound insulation solution for your needs.


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The benefit of Sound Insulation

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This article was published on 2010/05/19