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Even if you can get the best of the materials available for soundproof, it will not be of much use unless they are properly put in place. Hence they have to be installed at the time of the construction of your house itself. Though you can still take advantage of the material once the construction is over, it is certain that it will not be as effective as that in a pre-construction phase.

Insulation is a way of blocking the unwanted sounds that come from outside. While you make your interiors soundproof, the ideal place to begin with is the floor. The floor insulation is a cheaper option. It also provides an effective soundproof between your floor and the adjacent floor or adjacent building. This insulation is provided by materials such as rock wool which are laid between the floor joists in the attempt to absorb sound. However, another good choice of insulation is cellulose that is spread into the place.

You can make your windows impervious to sound by using a kind of glass with a special quality. The glass panes that effectively block the outside noise are coupled ideally with thick sealing. You can use curtains or blinds to block the sound that might still make its way into your room. There are several other kinds of material that are effective sound blockers.

Acoustic foam otherwise known as open celled foams are best to catch sound. Soundproof material is also available in the quality of vinyl. It is called as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) which has the double advantage of lightness as well as higher mass. This heavier mass gives it the required sound-blocking properties.

It is to be remembered that soundproofing is different from that of sound absorption. Absorption is that kind of sound improvement wherein the effect of sound is deadened in a conference room, recording studio or in a home theater. It restricts the entry of other noises and maintains only the positive sounds in the room. In another method of soundproof, people go to construct an extra stratum of wall in the room, with a little space in between. This space is the main absorber of sound thereby enhancing the sound quality pervading in the room.

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Sound Proofing Materials

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This article was published on 2010/03/27