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So What?


Did you ever notice that there is an endless conversation going on in your mind

called Self-Talk or Internal Dialogue? We stopped being aware of it because it

has always been there. It is called – Thinking or Steam of Consciousness.


We hold conversations between our – I, (personality) and our – Me, (mind-body connection) 24/7. Don't you ask yourself questions before making decisions? How about searching your mind for alternative ideas or suggestions? Well, tell me, who are you talking to?


So What


"Sew buttons on your nose, and see if they stick," is what our Inner Child would

reply. Inquiring-Minds want to know the answer to – So What? (why are you wasting my time?) So this: if you learn how to persuade your right-brain, you control your destiny.




If you are not a speed reader, you are wasting two-hours daily and losing up to 50%

of new long-term memory. Subvocalization is hearing each word you read in a report, article or book pronounced in your mind. It slows you down to a snail.


Subvocalization is self-talk operating when we are reading. Slow as molasses.

There is a strategy to reduce subvocalization up to 80%. You triple your learning.




Homo sapiens are brainwashed to believe we run our life, the world and ourselves -

using our Will-Power, volition, and left-brain. NG (No Good). Get this: humans

are run by our automatic functions called Non-Consciousness, not our Consciousness.


Wait: the power is in our Right-Hemisphere, non-conscious mind, and the Emotional elements of our brain. Will-Power, left-brain consciousness and reasoning, only control one-sixth of our brain's mind-body connection. See:

Nervous system, Immune system, limbic system, et al. Right-Hemisphere.




The brain score is 83.33% for non-consciousness and 16.67% controlled by consciousness. Stay with me: our conscious left-brain has a Broadband width of a maximum of 40 Bits of information per second. Aha. Our non-conscious, right-brain has – get this – 11 million Bits of information per second. No joke.


Google: Broadband brain capacity. That's 40 for leftie, VS 11-million – righty.


So What - Twice


But, your conscious left-brain can Reprogram, Recondition and associate your non-conscious  right-brain and emotions, through repetitious persistence. Whatever you most often think about consciously – your goals, burning desires, and emotional needs, are automatically accepted by your non-consciousness as Its goals, burning desires and emotional needs.


The secret of left-brain power is our ability to Influence-Persuade and Convince

our right-brain to pay attention to our needs and goals. How?




Your Mama was right – Repetition is the mother of learning. Not once or twice,

but consistently 24/7, use Affirmations (Every day in every way, I am speed reading better and better, and it is getting easier and easier.) Insert whatever your goal is, and it works. Your right-brain believes what it hears, sees and feels, the Most.


What else? Flashing Mental Imagery from your conscious to non-conscious. See yourself winning the race, getting the prize, accepting the promotion – repetitiously.

Seeing is believing, according to your non-conscious mind.


What Else


Emotional Intelligence includes flashing your powerful Feelings from conscious to

nonconscious by smiling and applauding or jumping up and shouting. This convinces your non-conscious, right-brain you mean business about obtaining your

goal and desire. Use it or lose it. Convince your right-brain or forgetaboutit.


New Story


If you want to persuade, influence and convince folks, you must sound more like them. We all have an accent – even if it is the standard accent of middle America.

We trust people and want to deal with them when they sound more like us – huh?


I once had a buyer of a $30,000 preschool center in Florida tell me: "the real reason

you convinced me is you sound just like my brother in law, and he is a great guy and

trustworthy." It turned out great for him for the next 20-years.




When we listen to folks – even if they just won the Nobel Prize – with a foreign accent – we straight out do NOT believe them. We are hardwired with an internal

unconscious bias because we cannot easily understand their enunciation of English.


When you listen to someone with a regional or local accent (New York has many)

we decide they are not believable based on their sound, not the content of their

ideas. They sound – dumb, uneducated, cornball. So what?


If you are in the business of convincing others your product or service is best,

record yourself and see how differently you sound from your prospect. You will

be shot down not because someone else is better, but because you sound - funny.


Practice before a presentation, to sound more like the locals than like a Harvard

professor. Even President Obama aims to sound like the citizens, not an Ivy Leaguer

and Harvard Law School graduate. It makes him more believable.




A foreign accent undermines a person's credibility in ways both the speaker

and the listener are unaware of consciously. The reason is it takes more effort

from the listener to understand the speaker's meaning. It causes distrust.


Recent research indicates we do not believe in the competence of folks who

speak differently than we do. It applies to hiring, firing and promotions.

Take speech lessons, and be aware of the negative power of accents.




English is the Lingua Franca of the world. People in commerce use it

when both parties need a language in common. It is derived from Italian

meaning Frankish Tongue, and was originated in Eastern Mediterranean

ports to expedite trade.


ELF (English as Lingua Franca)


When both parties to a conversation use English, it is not the perfect grammar

we learned at University. It is a hybrid English that gets the point across.

Remember, we trust our own accent, and everything else scares us. Practical.


It is all about group identity and in-groups, and out-groups. The more you fit into how locals sound, the greater your power of influence and persuasion. You

want to be part of the In-Group, and practice makes perfect. They will love you

for sounding like them.


Google: professor Patricia Bestelmeyer, University of Glasgow, appearing in the

Journal: Society For Neuroscience, Nov. 18, 2010


See ya,


Question: would you be more competitive for promotions in school and career

by reading and remembering up to three-times better than your peers?

Ask us for a free, no strings attached report on How to Speed Read.

Act now.


copyright © H. Bernard Wechsler 2010


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