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One in two hundred people have Tinnitus so badly that it affects their ability to lead normal lives.Tinnitus is hearing sounds in the absence of an external source, you may have what you think is Tinnitus when in fact the sounds are really there - for instance, the sound of blood flowing in narrow arteries in the neck, or the murmur of turbulent blood through a defective heart valve can give Tinnitus symptoms. Problems with the inner ear can also be to blame. Doctors can call these objective symptoms as there is a clear sound producing process going on.

If you have tests for your hearing problems, your doctor will try to pick up one of these causes which maybe treatable. Tinnitus is a condition where these objective sounds have been ruled out. Symptoms the sensation of Tinnitus is the sound of high-pitched whistling, buzzing, ringing or hissing. It is usually made worse by stress, which can be physical, psychological or emotional. Some people are able to live with the sound of Tinnitus quite happily, in others the sound seriously interferes with their quality of life. The sound can be in one or both ears or elsewhere in the head.

Causes for most Tinnitus is a problem with the inner ear which converts sounds to nerve signals the auditory nerve which carries these signals to the brain and the parts of the brain involved in decoding those signals into what we sense as sounds. Tinnitus is often linked to hearing loss, for this reason it's more common in older people who have age related hearing loss, exposure to loud noise at work may also cause Tinnitus. If you work with pneumatic drills or in a noisy factory you may be more at risk of having Tinnitus. Other possible causes of Tinnitus can come from your ear, auditory nerve(which carries signals from your inner ear to your brain), infections, side effects of medicines you have taken and because of problems with your jaw or teeth.

If you have Tinnitus, you are more likely to be depressed it is not clear whether this is because Tinnitus makes depression more likely or if being depressed makes you more likely to have Tinnitus. If you are suffering Tinnitus you will be determined you need to reduce or eliminate the ringing.

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Hearing Tinnitus

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This article was published on 2010/03/30