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With the arrival of the cell phone, our lives changed; now we are in touch constantly and as such there are inherent dangers such as driving with a cell phone that have created a whole new demand for products that will increase the safety of driving.

Hands free products are not new, but the cell phone industry has taken the technology, miniaturized it and improved it. With the advent of blue-tooth, the new headsets and hands free devices are more powerful and give a far better quality of sound than ever before.

There are several different types of hands free devices available. Headsets are the most common these come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small devices that plug into the ear and are barely visible to the fully fledged headset that often gives stereo sound and a far better microphone like the iphone headsets Like anything, the more you spend the better quality you get. The biggest problem that one can possibly have with these devices is the lack of battery life having to remember to plug the device in after use is often annoying. These devices are useful for normal use of a cell phone.

SoundID was founded with the mission to bring personalized sound to mainstream consumers. Sound ID has accomplished this by combining deep knowledge of the human ear with cutting-edge Bluetooth technology and patented adaptive noise compensation techniques. The result is a new category of Bluetooth-compatible headsets and Bluetooth app designed to revolutionize your personal appreciation of sound by addressing your unique hearing needs and your ever-changing acoustic environment.

The best place to get and headsets is from the leader in personalized sound technology, so that you receive the best sound quality for a reasonable price. For more information please visit . They share the mission to set a new standard for high performance in mobile listening technology and they are dedicated to providing customers with outstanding products and services. This is the true definition for better soundthrough research.

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Better Sound Through Research

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This article was published on 2011/01/21